A visionary project

It is the adventure of people who believe that the development of a territory has its roots in its immaterial side, making this creed a purpose in life, against any prognosis, fighting any form of nihilism.

We value TALENTS …
… cultivating each individual skill
The importance of each person is one of the founding values of our company.

PonterossoEng Group, PonterossoEng Construction and PonterossoEng Italia main capital are the Human resources, which represents the real patrimony of our company.

Our men and our women pursue a real passion for challenges. Our constant personal and professional improvement allow us to offer a service that is competent, timely and creative, strongly customer-oriented within a dynamic and vigorous organization.

Training is a vital component for the human resources operating in a sector in which technology is constantly surpassed, such as the oil, petrochemical and energy industries. Therefore PonterossoEng Group, PonterossoEng Construction and PonterossoEng Italia combines the research and the development of increasingly advanced solutions with constant training.

PonterossoEng Group, PonterossoEng Construction and PonterossoEng Italia, have as their mission the objective of providing high technical quality services, which meet and possibly exceed the expectations of the client companies in the development of the Management, Engineering and Maintenance activities of large complex plants in the Oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and tertiary industries, maintaining high levels of quality and reaching maximum safety standards.
Core Business:

o Keys in hand (EPC);
o Multidisciplinary engineering;
o Turn Around’s Scheduling, Preparation and management ;
o Project management;
o Maintenance engineering;
o 3D Plants Modelling;
o Calculation and design of piping systems and pressure vessels
o Preparation of documents for Statutory Inspection Boards Approvals of new installations, repairs and periodic requalifications
o Human Resources Services